Bridal styling skills competition for the Haikou city

On September 9, "Haikou city in 2011 ' Union Cup ' worker beauty contest" held at the commercial school in Hainan Province. 31 beauty salons in the city agency of more than more than 150 players took part in the competition.

this contest has the overall image design, ladies fashion hairstyles, trends, creative style, Bridal styling, dinner overall shape make-up, nail Art 6 projects. Competition theory test and the action most of game two.

it is understood that the Haikou municipal Trade Union contest year 2011 as the trade unions, and joint units in the city's workforce into "good force, more Twelve-Five" contest craze. Starting from April, directly organize and mobilize the trade unions at all levels have held city-wide "Trade Union Cup" medical post contest, Hainan Airlines Holdings Limited in Hong Kong labor skills competitions, safety and health and safety knowledge competition, Haikou port container terminal limited, technical job skills competitions, water safety knowledge speech contest in Haikou and other more than 10 competitions. Conference "Trade Union Cup" worker beauty contest ended, xiuying district, Higashiyama garment enterprises will be held then migrant worker skill competition, free trade zone auto parts enterprises vocational skills competition in the hippocampus. Is expected to directly over million workers participating in the contest.  

this contest is organized by the General Union, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau of Haikou city, Hainan commercial school to host, arts claim to beauty salon supplies Ltd and Hainan international OBA company.  

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