First staged in Tianjin indoor outdoor wedding into account

A wedding, want to enjoy a romantic outdoor wedding, and want to experience an indoor wedding ceremony do? Recently, Wang and Zhang came up with a fragmented approach, carried out a romantic, have both staged a Grand wedding.


September 6, one romantic of Lake wedding is water Shang Park Lake held, new King Mr and Zhang ladies in color balloon of around Xia evaded admission, new in friends blessing sound in the sworn promises, and Exchange ring, and embracing and Kiss, was feel to has two people of romantic mood, and last new and friends with flying symbol love of balloon, this will wedding of romantic to has climax.


However, pure romance cannot fully express their love, guests around, new venue and indoor weddings. And emphasizes the romantic outdoor wedding is different, indoor Grand based on romantic wedding favors link, light the candle of love, pouring, to their parents and serve them tea and other areas in the indoor wedding halls, rather than themes complement each other.


groom told reporters that they were stripes wedding held reconcile outdoor wedding romance and an indoor wedding Grand seems like a contradiction cannot be reconciled, both fish and bear's paw, a wedding enjoy multiple happiness.


in an interview with reporters, also learned that staged wedding was now become part of the couple's wedding ideas, they select two or three themes, to segment it, take the link carefully arranged, this would solve a new wedding time space is limited and many creative problems.