Day new people get together to marry elements into the mid-autumn wedding

Do not send candy sent "eternal love" cakes, on the LED screen playing the "pale Moon rises" background ... ... Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the couple get together wedding, wedding company 3 days helping nearly 20 couples weddings, wedding Mid-Autumn Festival.


journalist yesterday learned from xizhuang wedding company, autumn reunion fits the theme, the new "wedding passion" high. "On average, autumn holiday arranged a wedding for 6 couples a day on average. "Yesterday, the wedding company, new people over the past six months in advance, on the book you want to schedule a wedding Mid-Autumn Festival, good wedding MC, half a month before the Festival was" stolen ". At Hankou along flower market, every team lined up early in the morning to wait tied wedding flower; restaurant in Port-au-Prince, Wu Jin, mid-autumn wedding is jam-packed. Primary estimation of insiders, three days down, Wuhan, about 2000 couples.


wedding company in planning Mid-Autumn Festival wedding Shi, often into has many mid-Autumn Festival elements, like, with cakes as married banquet pastry or wedding return, some new also specified to has "eternal love", and "Elixir", meaning of lily, and rose, stuffing material of cakes; let MC in series word in the joined "sea rose Moon, end total at", Mid-Autumn Festival verses, with cloud Chase months, and moon representative I of heart, do soundtrack.