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"This festival was very busy, we have 40 people held a mass wedding. "Yesterday on peace around the corner to see wedding photos from hengshui to Qingdao, Zhang and his fiancee, they are playing on the beach, waiting for the peer of the other 19 couples shoot photos, and then go back to the hotel a popular foreign Festival. Reporters learned that because the causes of the day, fewer tourists than ever simply travel to Qingdao, and "wedding dress" came to be the Castle Festival tourism a mainstay.


3000 green wedding


"last night to the Qingdao, here today filming day, tour of Qingdao sea view by the way, tomorrow morning to go back. "Zhang told reporters that he and fiancee of the usual work only while the holidays can spare the time, October will be a wedding, only to give up and family reunions, spend 3000 Yuan to enroll in Qingdao for their wedding photos" wedding dress ".


"our local wedding photos has chosen Qingdao, Qingdao wedding photos have become a fashion trend has married to a local. "Small and his fiancee photograph photographer Mr Hu told reporters that away from them near the beach are places such as Tianjin, Dongying, Qingdao, but views are not beautiful, so each time they are run with the wedding of 1000 miles to Qingdao to shoot. Starting from May this year, they're basically about every two weeks with a man about 40   "wedding" to a Qingdao.


"wedding dress" into tourist main


yesterday at the pier, the May Fourth square, eight passes and other coastal attractions to see, less tourists than before, coastal line of tour buses have disappeared, Badaguan scenic area around except for a few private cars with children outside the local tourists to visit the elderly, leaving almost all new wedding photos.


Island City, a travel agency Manager Shao Qi told Xinhua, Chinese traditional values, the Festival is reunited at home, few travel agencies can set up a mission to, on the other hand, a lot of young people during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday tourism is starting to like   "tours", so tourists expected in the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. Research found that comparison hot at this time of year a lot of travel with a purpose, like "wedding dress", "Astronomy", the island city is the greatest market potential "wedding dress".


"a lot of out-of-town guests booked several months in advance with our mid-Autumn Festival, three days in one of our stores to receive foreign clients accounted for 80%, about other storefront at 60%. "The official told reporters in a wedding photographers, guests at the field to green almost all over the country, to inland guests a little more. From the perspective of business volume for the year field to shoot a wedding guests accounted for more than 30%.