Spy from evening gowns to wedding industry development road

For imported goods, in the industry's view, evening dress wedding dress is more difficult to do. In wedding dress sense, consumers are also willing to splurge for their meaning. But on the evening dress, ideas and cultural differences, making it hard to stationed in Chinese people's hearts. Although over the years, things are slowly improving, the Shanghai evening dresses have been prevalent in the area, but the situation is still not optimistic in the country, domestic sales remained difficult.


in fact, whether it is a wedding dress or evening dress, exotic costumes to promote in China is not easy, and many of the enterprises in operation due to lack of business, in the absence of culture China wedding dresses and gowns, it is even more overwhelmed. Many enterprises in a series of bumps was eventually ended in a dismal.


lack of culture, difficult, is an indisputable fact, but that does not mean the Chinese wedding dress market never formed. From fast food and ocean brand's popularity in China will know that Chinese imports are very tolerant, but why on the wedding dress industry, so blocking it?  

I have a few questions about this:


first, the owner, did you keep?


not do, is I heard the most visited, many people in the wedding industry landed after the first pot of gold, turned others; no other have been doing is processing or OEM business, only for the survival of the current loophole but not long term sustainable vision. In order to list Yes, but no ability to further promote the development of domestic industry or, not willing to invest, and wait for someone else's creation in a transparent copy, what to speak of? Maybe a bit too, a lot of people also is looking forward to the development of industry, but each other down, but not long, in this harsh industry environment in the long-term is more difficult to say. This, of course, and Chinese culture. The domestic garment industry has long been too independent, many reform attempts to finally end in failure. Therefore, in this environment, more needs to stick. Unfortunately, the are not many enterprises can persist, left, only to follow in the development of the industry.


Second, will the creators of brands, your idea take root deep enough yet?


there are so many wedding dress brand, started to play out its brand culture is very good, however, now known by consumers in the market of wedding gown brands did not. If the said Studio, consumers can list a lot. In this regard, brand concepts rooted deeply enough is one of the reasons. Many wedding dress brands in the face of such a chaotic market in China was very thrilling, slightly deviated from the original direction, hasn't formally expand has turned sour, much less is known. As already well-known brands in the industry, because the market is still dominated by Studio too much, consumers usually received largely dominated by Studio. And that brand wedding dress prices are relatively high, such as Amy Chua months domestic international wedding abroad such as Japan's Yumi Katsura, a high-end wedding dress, so unless it is a in fashion or the person concerned will know about wedding brand. Therefore, brand loud enough at present, there are two reasons: first, the wedding dress business in the development of brands, brand solid enough not instantaneous change, a slight whiff of disarray. Therefore, enterprises at the time of creation of the brand, to establish what culture is, walking route is. Second, walking in the China wedding dress market tough times, enterprises can easily be overshadowed by the situation in the market. Therefore, enterprises should have the determination to break through the siege, must not give up long term think over the hardships of the moment.


third, does the transformation, you prepare it?


after decades of exploration, reform, industry has been slowly step by step to track developments. In fact, as a country with a population of 1.3 billion, the Chinese market is a big cake in many industries. So, there are many wedding dresses brand transformation of small businesses are trying to do. So, get ready for the transition? First, whether to have a full understanding of the market? Secondly, the enterprise culture clear? Again, domestic market confusion, if there was initial market introduction? Finally, is also a very important point, you have a lot of confidence in this mixed bag out of your brand? Maybe now by mere talk, but once the practice, so these problems are inevitable.


industry hardest, many companies prefer to pay only a cup of water in order to survive, not long and short term. This is a tragedy. Wedding dress but with the domestic industry slowly improve, as well as the efforts of many people in the industry is committed to reform, the industry will import from the Chinese.