Lacey standard wedding contract complaints drop by 25%

Recently, this reporter learned from the laixi city business, the combined area wedding industry concentration, wedding complaints increased reality, by making a wedding system published in the plate on the wall, and a standard wedding contract, established wedding services files, explore a new way of supervision of wedding service. In August, has extended wedding services contract, 63, wedding service complaints fell 25%.  


urban business helps wedding street each business uniform "wedding service fees" and "service commitment system" and "service monitoring" three issues, and supervised by the industrial and commercial sector and industry associations on the hanging wall, while public service mediation of dispute complaint Tel of consumption and trade association calls, defuse wedding consumer disputes in a timely manner. In addition, the common auspices of wedding programs, wedding, wedding photography, video services, makeup services and other projects agreed and explained in detail, forming a unified text of the laixi wedding etiquette service contracts, and in the wedding street use. In the wedding industry association on the basis of the establishment, perfect wedding guide wedding industry household services contract files, and archives of the wedding service supervision card, strengthening the supervision of social forces, constantly improve the quality of wedding services, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.