Hand-painted wedding entertainment wedding pictures appeared in Taiyuan

Of various cartoon characters, Q figure version ... ... The original and new people to wedding does not take a side, but after passing the professional graphic designers create a personality collage pieces, but found a new photo. Now, it   "illustration + sketch + coloring + art" form made into a wedding completely overturned the traditional hand-painted wedding is quietly entered the Taiyuan people's line of sight, many like the tide of fashion, the pursuit of artistic quality that people of all ages.


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the morning of September 12, reporter, Liu Xiang, Taiyuan in a corner of the third floor of a large shopping mall, walls and counters are covered with a variety of hand-painted wedding photos. Photo wedding invitations, table cards, boxes, Crystal tables, paintings, couple cups and different styles of product styles. Actor photos with the cartoon exaggeration, after you finish drawing the funny way, with comedic results. Man on his head "horns", the female body "wings", under the artist's creative, wedding photos clearly has broken the traditional concept and mind set. Some photos also have "show" features, and time spans to 560 of the last century.


in just more than 10 minutes, the reporters saw comes to consult an endless stream of customers. A young couple walked hand in hand, was immediately attracted to creative, new wedding photos. "Look at the two men made into a wedding like this, it is so much fun, we also made a few wedding photos, some very personal. "Pointing to a picture of young women dream crystal wedding said. "Look, this is not my good friend's photos? Personality of her original wedding photos are produced here. "At this time, three young women came over and one of them surprised and cried.


pioneer of the art told reporters that: "marriage is a happy thing, happy is the most important. Daily work and life stress makes people less happy. Traditional wedding set, expression of some rigid. Therefore, I think the wedding needs to be improved, to inject its entertainment element, make it more imagination and comic effect. We strive to make each piece of work can get the customer's approval, won everyone's a good laugh, which is our real pursuit of art. ”


He further explained: the artistic technique different from the traditional wedding, photo is provided by the customer, after selecting the template, done through the painter's hand-painted pictures of preliminary design, and after passing the examination by the customer before finally entering the finished product processing. Now his shop hand-painted figure is the first to focus on personalized shop, Illustrator combines the techniques of sketch, the character perfectly, not only interesting, quite realistic sketch, and hand-painted out of cheek, very layered, which is the traditional wedding pictures can't be compared, so loved by the people. In Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places to have partners.

a new favorite wedding take time


the emergence of this new photo, Taiyuan citizens what is with what kind of attitude is that? In an interview, the reporter found that many people just out of curiosity, after detailed consultation indicated that they would consider whether to make this kind of wedding photos. "It is normal, this is a new thing, people from understanding to accept there has to be a process. "In this regard, the show of confidence.


when a reporter asked what inspired his creative inspiration, said, he studied painting at an early age, has some big companies in Shenzhen after graduating from University, and achieved some success. Two years ago, when he was invited to a celebrity hand-painted wedding, when he give the wedding comedy after, praised by the other party, it hardened him later in his writing career. "Who I am, so I'm going to put his skills to his hometown. "In June this year, he opened the shop, there is a dedicated production team. Business is not hot, but turnover has shown a rising trend. In order to allow more people to share and enjoy his creations, he has new products through this shop, network and other channels for marketing, customer as long as you provide the imagination, creation required will be completed in accordance with the requirements of customers, and ultimately customer satisfaction.


"at present, we have more than more than 200 templates are available for customers to choose, we will achieve 500~800 a template created by the end of this year, when customers can choose more leeway. "Cao Chao said now, in Taiyuan have several wedding photo studio and businessmen were to discuss cooperation matters with him, and he believed the hand-painted wedding into the thousands in the future is not a dream.


reporter Internet discovery, made by, who hand-painted photos for quality and good service, praised by many users. Netizen "fun little peach" said: "the good stuff, great seller, design wonderfully fine. "Friends" SI SI, peaches, "said:" very good, very image. People who received gifts like. "Netizen" liangyihaiou "says:" good sellers. Very well painted too realistically, literally right in place. Highlights some of our ideas, you are great! ”


However, is worried about capital shortage is restricting him to further expand the scale of development "bottleneck": "in places such as Shenzhen, which belongs to the individuals start their own businesses, the local government provided relief for rent 3 years of preferential policies. Now, I only belong to the initial stage of starting, requires strong support from Government and related departments, can also provide support in terms of rent, taxes and benefits. We have our own independent technical support, believe that this industry will be in Taiyuan City all kinds of home improvement shows, wedding show favorite. ”