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New wedding room decoration tips

New wedding room decoration tips

Newlyweds need to be done after the wedding room decoration, many people may be no experience. Young people have not experienced before, was catching a pass before decoration, wedding decoration should pay attention to a lot of problems, then the next editor will give you some tips on decorating.

light decoration decoration

wedding room design should reflect the overall festive atmosphere, this was best achieved by furniture such as soft furnishings. Tian Xiaoming told reporters that compared with previous years, the consumer home improvement market wedding room decoration is going to get married this year accounted for half of the country, they renovated as part of a modern minimalist style, European-style garden wind favored.

best light decoration in wedding room decoration decoration, wood, glue, to minimize the use of harmful substances, new house gas pollution reduction. Among them, the soft furnishings in the wedding room decoration there, for example, red curtains, Crystal beads, lace, floral, plaid fabric, are an excellent tool to dress up a wedding room, rendering the atmosphere and more flexibility in the future.

environmental health house

wedding room decoration pollution mainly reflected on air pollution, including formaldehyde and benzene is one of the most dangerous. Despite the improved performance of all kinds of building materials and environmental protection than in the past, but the wedding has been set, ordinary residents of new homes fast, indoor air pollution can be difficult to fully evaporate, married, the bride and groom before marriage preparation, busy, rest is not good, and much better than poor, make it more likely that harmful substances to take advantage.

according to reports, General home decoration period for two months, this is the material process of releasing contaminants, but after the renovation work was completed, also have ventilation to eliminate harmful gases, preferably in the renovation to the regular ventilation. Indoor air testing agencies to conduct a comprehensive management and testing, qualified just after arrival.