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Feng Shui problems in the marriage room decoration

Feng Shui problems in the marriage room decoration

About to enter the wedding season, wedding room decoration is in full swing, decorating is a big problem, items decoration is of interest to older issues, because they tend to be much more than we believe in Feng Shui. So, how to place is reasonable? Let xiaobian give you talk about the Feng Shui problems in the marriage room decoration.

1, kitchen stoves to Ji Cai Feng Shui principles can be achieved. If located in Kyrgyzstan, home health, marital harmony. Conversely, marriage is rare, and often quarrel or sickly, this requires attention, as is lady luck place in the kitchen.

2, lucky color tones around is good for family members, such as walls and floors, according to family members if necessary each small room, individually selecting auspicious color. More than two if you are not sure ask the professionals.

3, married families are not suitable for placing too great a vase, if carelessly placed on the Peach will be urging the other half's luck, and affections of the phenomenon.

4, Northern General in charge of the couple's marriage and emotional energy. If you want to keep intimacy couples romantic, passionate color layout of the North, for example, warm tones, accessories, stimulate the love between a husband and keep fresh.

5, warm light bulb to feelings, light couple in the bedroom is very important, and should as far as possible with warm coloured light bulbs, use cold light bulbs or fluorescent lamps, etc.

6, even if you are skeptical of Feng Shui, but preferably to Feng Shui, negative factors are excluded, such as angle of impingement and pressure beam.

7, and pink easy makes people mood tempered, easy occurred spat, race is, and fight of thing frequently, especially wedding couple, to Regulation boudoir in the atmosphere, in where Lady eye in the seems is very has romantic of, but, with tones of not harmonic, had a time Hou, two people mood will produced somehow of fire, easy for Sesame small noisy not finished, last on divorce not return.

8, if the woman is pregnant, the atmosphere of the room will have great impact on pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women home layout focuses on Qi, and NA Mong Yang is a plus. Air circulation in the room must be kept in pregnant women, to open Windows for air, can be placed in the southwest of aquatic plants or hydraulic device device, strengthen the field, conducive to the smooth birth of the child and, in addition, the pregnant woman's House of flowers and plants should not be too much, or too much yin was not conducive to good health.

9, and bedroom to select founder of bedroom pattern, can let you of romance development more smooth substantial, and love also will rendering doctrine of State, not too had also not than, both will in a equal and harmony of relationship, if you of bedroom no founder, that also can on the through items and environment of layout, let room "looks" is a founder of pattern.