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Wedding room waterproofing decoration ideas

Wedding room waterproofing decoration ideas

Water is an important part of the wedding room decoration, as with other hidden project, decoration, prone to neglect. Under normal circumstances, building toilets, bathrooms and the kitchen floor is made of water-proof layer, in the renovated ground easily damaged. If not repaired, leakage will happen in the future, affecting the neighbourhood. Decoration needs to protect the waterproof layer, if accidentally damaged to be repaired, so that leaves.

     now on sale in the markets of waterproofing material for wedding decoration there are two main types: a modified asphalt water proofing paint and glass fiber cloth, glass cloth can improve strength, increase the flexibility of the process. Use this paint, waterproofing is complex, but the price is not high, about 100 yuan per square meter; the other is polyurethane waterproof coating, is the higher grade, with a polymer coating of waterproof coating. The coating waterproofing effect is good, but the price is higher. Price is about 140 Yuan per square meter.

     the first step: in waterproof construction, should be dealt with first on the grass-roots level. Removal of original decorative materials, clean the dirt, cement, require surface smooth and dry.

     second step: laying the waterproof coating. Waterproof brush a layer of modified asphalt treated base, a layer of glass cloth, and repeat brushing again, and finally on the second layer of glass cloth, paint over paint, waterproofing treatment is finished. Coat of waterproof coating should be even, fiber glass fabric with a waterproof layer closed tight, no brushes, played drums, and shed the leakage phenomenon, otherwise it will affect the effect. If you choose the polyurethane waterproof coating, usually without glass fiber cloth, brush 2-3 repeatedly as long as you can. Because the polyurethane coating itself can form an elastic protective film, has some pull-resistant performance. In order to improve the waterproofing effect, you can spread a layer of glass cloth, but the costs will increase. Note that when the ground water, waterproof coating and glass fiber cloth brush to the wall from the ground 20-30cm, prevent leaking in the wall and floor joints, thus forming a closed solid waterproof layer as a whole. For shower walls, soft light walls and indoor leakage by the wall, need to put waterproofing paint to the wall 1. 8 metres or brushing the wall to prevent leakage in wall.

     the third step: "covering the water" tests, "covering the water" test is important to test indoor water quality testing tools. Waterproof finish, and sealed the door and drain, full water reaches a certain level in the room height, liquid surface within 24 hours if there is no obvious decline that is qualified.   "Covering the water" when the test is complete, waterproof coating layer a layer of cement mortar layer on top, be careful not to damage the waterproof coating. Cement mortar layer, such as dry, to pave and stick on tiles or paint coating, good decoration.