Wuxi wedding

Overview of traditional wedding customs

Overview of traditional wedding customs

The wedding, the ceremony is the bride and groom bride and wedding "Preludes" in the main program.   This ritual from ancient times has been the new people, so what are wedding about and knowledge together, to learn about it.

Overview of traditional wedding customs

     wedding there are two: one is the groom's wedding, the other is the man "lucky man". Groom   before you marry, bride to "money meter", the rice is mixed with a lot of money, and sharing home brother   brother and sisters, to share wealth. When showering, grass jelly, pomegranate flower bath. Bath   standing on a bamboo gourd prepared (shallow basket), the man sent by "lucky man" for her   put on a wedding dress. Once dressed, said goodbye to elders one by one, by unmarried younger brother,  sent to the door by the "good life" car on the arm. At this time, the bride often burst into tears, this is called "crying".   Are crying for father mother, on the other hand it is said that only tears, to make her rich. New   mother was gone, family to immediately close the door, with a view to the future not divorced because the husband happens to couples fell out revolving home.

     the bride's dowry the past ordinary clothes boxes and the like. Past Grand's dowry, is "wide". "The Office" after the bride to her husband, Tang Hall, bedroom, above all the necessary items,   Kang, round table, the drum chair, Chair, suitcases, five barrels (GIT, bowls, buckets, waist, feet barrel barrels, toilets), dressing table, gold and silver jewelry, and so on. And Red pockets on the seed, with whole bamboo shoots when the flat   burden, as the bride to her husband's family. Bride's pick as married to her husband's called "blue franc".

     colour car came to the door of the family, her husband set off firecrackers to welcome. Groom kicked the car, roll curtain door, unplug the bride's head, to the bride's forehead as if to tie. Play car, zharuyi, is intended to give the bride the horse power: every subject in the future. This is the husband suggests that (interesting is before going to bed the bride want to "push" step on the groom's feet, as retaliation to the tie). Bride Bridesmaids supported by crossed   threshold under a pile of burning "smoke". After the bride entered, to the family's home to "green mother mother" accompanied by and groom eat "sexual intercourse", into the bridal chamber, salute the Hall to their elders, their peers on tea.  , Green MOM should recite the mantra these remarks. For example:


groom kicked the car door song

Jiang Yehong, mother June next.

today is the day, two people to cherish the same.

"opening the car door, cross-fire smoke" song two

cross-smoke hand mother, husband and your 200 spring.

Jin Tang line immediately, five generations live under one roof held Sun.

smoke moved step by step, gently moving into the House.

dream your child next year, both your children reading poetry.

bride to take tap smoke, long before Kirin are male Sun.

lead uncomplainingly concentric, and dutiful father and attentive.

Golden Lotus move tap smoke, husband and wife grow old century spring.

Jin Ma Yutang, grandchildren, five generations live under one roof Sun held Sun.

Hall song

smoke moved step by step, leisurely steps into the Office.

Fu, Lu and Shou flourishes, champion in the coming year.

enter song

step mother jade room, conjugal bliss early man.

furongqigui with the old, children over the politics are lousy.

wedding beauty progress, as Tang Guo Ziyi.

seven eight husband qingshou, children wearing silk.

brides move into Toad Hall, husband and wife pair and melody.

laojunlai sent Kirin, grandchildren gongqing from generation to generation.

     wedding held in the process according to the rules of the bride is not an agent, in the bridal chamber was only,  by the mother-in-law or sister-in-law sent something to eat. Dinner eat almost, relatives and friends, the mother of the bride to the guests and serve them tea, or an act of betel nuts. Yiqian, in strict accordance with the generation sequence when tea,  but it is simplified, just a pleasure to again propose a table the table. Tea time, her mother-in-law to be next to get   teaches the bride: who is this, what is that.  Elders drinking a cup of tea, you have to reward a   bonus, and said a few words of blessing.

     home on the day the bride to marry, to brother-in-law Lily soup gift man, bride in the family's home all agreeable. The next day to give the bride sent pig heart soup with black fungus, expect the bride not to forget her loved ones.   The third day, the bride also offerings dominated the position of Si Mingdi Emperor, and held "open well" or "husking rice bean," "stir Pan cylinders" and other ceremonies. Four months later, the bride held "guining" ceremony, returned to her parents ' home. Three times in a row, commonly known as "head back House", "two returning CUO" and "returning to houses." First discotheque, the bride needs eating lunch at home, but did not see her smoke before returning for dinner. Only the third at home to stay for a few days, to pour out feelings of missing parents.

     custom of raoping, brides ' dowries, certain pins, combs, etc. After her husband, relatives of the bride are then given to the door pin, and they learn crafts, combs, symbolizes the bride   do like to comb my hair, in an orderly manner.

    , huilai kuitan after girl married off to her husband's family, to implicate the grass roots from her two top note (sedge) accompanied by two good banana (Canna, and "night" homophonic) species in the family garden, praying to flow uninterrupted, Qian Zi Wan Sun.

     girls here has also distributed "sisters" practices. "Sisters" by   married bride and groom gifts to send siblings on the road, typically 4.4 Yuan 8. Send money distributed among sisters selected a pair of men and women, meaning "good". 448 points, and "good" and "regardless of (off)" means.

     huilai civil wedding and another feature: the bride into the House, everyone in the room to avoid. When the bride and groom have not yet arrived, made with tiles called "yin" cylinder in the threshold, filled with Lily, liquorice, meaning a century and, through thick and thin, Yin Yang Shun regulation, sons of blessings.   And then stood on the threshold of reaching out with one hand on the door frame, let the bride from the groom's arm through, across the threshold and tube of tile. Then, families can meet.

     raoping town of seamounts, the bride married to Penny rice with your brother the other day. By mothers in the dustpan or bamboo sieve   money on rice, hard roll toss, shaking his side say: "Bo round toss grandchildren after a lot of money; toss evenly, next year, or a male grandchild. "Then put the money and the number of meters by brother and daughter each a copy of bride takes load after a specially made apron, Mi Wengli of the meters in her husband's family.

     civil wedding in Jieyang city, on the day the bride married, brother of the bride to prepare gift to the groom,  This gift has male and female chickens, and a bottle of makeup oil. Wife to in-laws House, a warm hospitality.

     Puning people in rebate man sent to of dowry in the, except candy outside, also sent Shang spring grass two tree, that of grass head first; pig a, that of concentric; five sample seed (rice, and mung bean, and yeast cake, and longan dry, and potato powder pills), that of high five; banana several, that of poster lined; sweet sugar black bean ball, that of show JI Jo. In addition, some brides married Eve, also invited siblings sisters for "thick" beets spread and sleeps in the ground with straw mats of the hotplate. Why has this custom at all? Legend there was a stepmother abused former's women, is brutal, even a girl marries, nor give her a good face, and instead ordered her in front of the stove and bedding down for sleep. Didn't think after this girl to marry, her husband's family fortune immediately.  , Imitated, and flow along cargo.

chenghai popular song "marry song", the word says:

Jing spring baskets of the first month, four mother want to marry but no,

no scissors were shoes, no comb is good grooming.

hastily sent word-big brother, big brother gifts Ekin is box,

brother gifts of gold, when held the title for three gifts of gold,

four Colombian officials did not return circle; sister-in-law gift message on the head,

two sisters-in-law feet shoes-grant, three sisters-in-law presented Phoenix bun,

sister-in-law gifts sideburns hairpin; MOM and Grandpa outside free ear hook,

MOM gift pillow colleague sister gift umbrella

umbrella cover pull out her head.

     chenghai wedding customs reflect: the girl is going to be on the bride, friends and family would have gifts to her, this is called "sending pollen". Bride's dowry and gifts brought by relatives and friends after her husband, are stacked on the bridal bed for people to watch. Subsequently, from dowry cloth, find the right cloth distributed public and Po, and her husband's brothers and sisters, in order to be polite. Watch bride and brides who want to "reward money" (gift). Brides will reward money gathered together for the return of public Po. In fact, after official Po to look over, fenwenbuqu, returned to the bride to do mad money.

     groom are decorating the new House, to hold sacred "bed" ritual. Hosted fortune teller at the time of day for the bed also has a stress. When in bed, to do "four words" order to Geely.   Such as:

auspicious ceiling bed, in all directions in all directions.

Moon fairy tales boy, MOM to hold Sun next year.

drop a large orange House, the bride entered the room to teach the groom.

two baby twins next year, a book of a Vice Minister.

was to hold the four corners, Qian Zi Wan Sun Qi Qi.

pot lad, high returns of Ferro.

     bed is completed, to a "good luck" and prior to the Rune affixed to the bed   Shang, and ask a boy to the bed for a while, means that the early birth of a healthy baby. Avoid beds just fine, a woman sitting in bed. Also ancestor worship, tell someone married, and "four words"   says:

lit candles Wan Ting, full bright light;

flying golden dragon is really rich, happy husband and wife Republican ring.

     Chaoyang women married, retains some of the old practices, such as "Lao hanging pig." Past, the groom's family to the bride's sedan, sedan must hang a piece of fatty pork. Legend the custom began in the Ming dynasty. Li Ling then County of Jiangxi people to leave home, one day to see a neighbor carrying sedan is going to marry the bride, Li   Ling said the day was "Rhesus" (folklore, wicked and an animal) food, bad luck. But sedan had to go out, neighbors ask what Li Ling prescriptions, Li Lao recommends hanging in front of the car a pig. If the "Rhesus" pigs bladder can be used for food, the bride will be safe. Neighbors do so, really nothing. Since then, other people want to marry the bride, also the law in front of the car "you pig Lao",,  evolved to avoid evil exorcism practices along ever since. Although no sedan now; but there is still a piece of meat hanging on the set out the bride's bike. When the bride gorgeous dress, strong color, the sedan when the brides maiden who would take a basin of water,  to sprinkle it in the sedan, splash side say: "car on a bowl of water, brides get new samples. "Depicting the Virgin Bride   wishes. However, the Crown now of course is no longer a sedan, but a bicycle or motorcycle, car.

     Haifeng Earth family, bride before the wedding, put on "awake" and "wedding dress" usually made up of five coat (there are three or seven). Yoshio sent to above, mostly dress; the second for thatch linen shirts, opposite must wear; third white shirts, the popular "dead man's dress," said. Get dressed after the wedding clothes, this cry these remarks their parents car.

     another custom is "DART blue". "Green" is made of tree branches, in the sedan arrived at the groom's Gate, accompany the car's "good life" from the bride's family brings "green" roof,  groom and read four sentences on the DART says:

Blue Dart, five men and two women. To grow old, happy.

     bride and groom for the first time at the same table for meals, from "lucky people" Hey, eat half a bowl meal, exchanged the rest of eat. When the hejin, couple sitting in bed eating at both ends of the "circle", from "lucky people" Hey, having eaten half the remaining Exchange.

     bridal bed you want to place a pair of oil-coated pillows, a metaphor for marital "rubber knee". "Fruit prior knowledge to new people allergic to the paint, you can use bamboo pillow, was taking" one heart and one mind, "meaning (Chaozhou language" bamboo "and" moral "sounds like). Bed screen cupboard on top on a bamboo pole, means the couple will take a family burden. The bride's dowry in the past must also be equipped with two pairs of wooden shoes, ease of daily life, but also take "old" or "follow" means.

     after the bride's door and cook every day and have to get up early in the morning, do it yourself a bowl of sweet rice, father-in-law, Lord Shiva and her husband's brothers and sisters wake up, they each have a point. It is said that this rice bowls of sweet, sugar from her, Cook themselves must also be in saliva mixed into rice. Of course, the saliva mixed with rice was done quietly, eat people also do not have to ask. This practice meant that her husband's people ate the sweet rice saliva contains the bride, the bride and the family can get along, living together.

     wedding in the three deaths, bride and mother-in-law should be avoided. Morning on the fourth day, public wells draw water from brides to a new location. Water before putting a handful of brown sugar and a pinch of mud into the well of her. This is for the bride does not "acclimatized", and can live in harmony with the neighbourhood.