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Simple tips to help you control the wedding etiquette

Simple tips to help you control the wedding etiquette

Marriage ceremony, the bride and groom well, etiquette is in place, determine the impression guests of the bride and groom, is related to the success of the wedding.

simple tips to help you control the wedding etiquette

    1. whether at home or in Hotel wedding, when guests were seated, and to both the bride and bridegroom stand outside the door, to thank the arrival of the guests (although relatively far away, busy or the illness, as well as for older guests may wish to say a few more words), until the last guest seat.

    2. Wedding reception before the official start, some local fashion by the bride to the guests the "tea ceremony". For guests on the red envelopes, regardless of gift ceremony, the bride will be equal to thank, unable to look down on the courtesy light snubs, or gifts and joy, hospitality plus.

    3. Do not eat. The bride and groom should take care of the guests at the wedding feast, let family and friends eat and drink well, happy, satisfied. Don't be selfish, eating and drinking, excessive drinking, drunk on the spot, it would have been too rude. However, if not drink wine, a bit of food not to eat, too binding, tension, and it is also impolite. Toast for guests, even though alcohol is limited, also slightly, or at least to raise your glass to thank guests, and no reason to drink.

    4. Certain procedures in the wedding (usually at the end of time), the bride and groom to your priorities, a toast to each question to each guest in turn. Toast for guests to personally fill your drink and hands as a guest, but don't force guests in one gulp. After the guests set the glass down, the bride and groom want to say "thank you", and once again is sure to fill your drink, then down a guest toast.

    5. End of the wedding, guests leave, the bride and groom to both stand on the door, shook hands with the guests goodbye one by one and say "thank you", "take care" thing.