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Reciprocity of the 4 pillars

Reciprocity of the 4 pillars

Marriage changes the achievements of the "red era" approaching, was gradually began to replace the gift by gift, wedding "ceremony" of the new leads. Guest what gift coincides with new preferences, new what return guest won praise, what kind of gift can win high scores? Wedding expert Chen Fumei will open a wedding "ceremony" in the mystery.

     married life is undoubtedly a major event, wedding celebration, pregnant when he. So close to families from as far away as neighborhood in congratulation. Reciprocity-oriented Chinese, convey blessings receive red envelopes with money as a carrier. This "gift" on the "current" to this day, not only has the "gift" and "return" two processes, also had a "gift" and "the gift" in two forms. In fact, both single gift payment or gift, or both send, there is a certain etiquette and tips to follow.

     marriage "courtesy" is intended to

     how to make a wedding "ceremony" moving, first consider its meaning--sent gifts and presents you in expressing our wishes and heart. Gifts people want to feel good, wish, whatever as a precondition in order to shower and put on lavish, rivalries, debt would seem inappropriate. After all, too much attention to face, sending a re-gift that is inconsistent with the real capacity to pay, not only will your mind into pressure and blessing into your worries and will also accept the re-gift trust is not easy to do the appropriate return. Therefore, whether it is a complimentary gift or a gift from the income level, based on the depth of relationships, communication, and expression of sincerity. Tailored, capacity and is the true ritual fashion.

     give a "present" bogey for a single

     according to Chinese folklore, giving "good things come in pairs" practice, when preparing for the wedding gifts and presents, gifts and gift preference number of even numbers, opportunities in the singular. Such as 6 means "Shun", and 8 "." 4 and 9 in the wedding really odd exceptions in 4 easy to hex Association, should not be used, and 9 per cent are expected "long long" best wishes, is very popular.

      select "propriety" and expressions

     new era, guests select gifts instead of gifts, which can realize the Customs Act, can have thoughtful intentions, but newcomers should become an important reference to select gifts. In other countries, marriage "courtesy" generally sent out one week prior to the wedding guests by the couple before marriage trust wedding gift wish list of ways to know new people, such as preferences, choose to send out gifts. But at home, and to be informed of new channels is not that much. In General, the wedding gifts can be meaningful spiritual items can also be practical for both business and household goods, can also be a meaningful new supplies. So the couple pajamas, beauty, sofa cushions, juicer, travel luggage · · · · · Such items have been added to the mainstream of wedding gifts list. Said to have had a female guest hand-knitted baby clothes for the couple, finally people will soon accept the guests expected "early birth" wish. If coincides with new preferences, conveyed sincere blessings, many articles can be a good gift.

     "gift" your in my heart

     "to not to reciprocate", in the East the Customs there "in return". In fact, arranged the completed response to bless the wedding didn't move, regarded as a success. Guests coming from afar, still has certain expenditure in the dress on the road, part of the newcomer for the appreciation, will prepare him for the guests. At present, returning more pop, chocolate, red wine glass, perfume, etc. When presented to the guests, and can be complemented by the beautiful box, a metaphor for "eternal love", that is, practical and elegant.