Wuxi wedding

Wedding couple toasts

Wedding couple toasts

Process the most important part of the wedding is toast, the Chinese love to drink, drink a lot of knowledge, manners, and no less, this entire article is toasting etiquette, we watch together!

   1. choose according to number of guests toast

     guest in a small wedding of about 100 people, propose new toast people individually, to show attention to every guest, if guests are couples or lovers, you can simultaneously toast./per person on dinner guests 1~2 bless Word dialog, the average cost calculation for a minute, new people in worship completely within 2 hours!

     guest in 100~250 around of medium wedding, is need divided primary and secondary. first need toast of is new both of elders are, General about in 3~5 table of range within, usually this link heavy in etiquette and not is drinking, new people can achieved prepared good blessing language, to each bit elders expression different of tribute, last full table a drink and do can province Shi effort. Second toasting is fathers yuanqinjinlin, new boss, mentor, similar to the mode of worship the elders, table blessings, focus on ritual at the same time, new people need and the groomsmen bridesmaids match, similar to cigarettes, Peel candy, gifts and other links. Finally, members of the new people friends, special friends of the appropriate split, each guest at the table match, vaguely familiar but not so fun when a toast to a table!

     large wedding guests in more than 30 tables, new people still need trouble with parents to help, will have finished the main elders by respecting! Other parents of friends, allowing them to serve, some familiar playmates with parents may also wish to let your parents do it, but keep in mind that at every table to arrange a "within" in order to get parents and adjust the climate, on behalf of the couple entertained guests. And new people if you want hands-on, after the jingwan elders, some familiar friends to get together with each other, a few tables at the same time respect.

    2. effective bridal customers

     groomsmen bridesmaid is site best of Assistant, that Active atmosphere also for the groom bride cover windshield rain, if married banquet table more, is can prior more arrangements groomsmen bridesmaid in toast link Shi by groom bride first from elders King up, while groomsmen bridesmaid is responsible for care compared cooked complex of friends, let time in unknowingly in the through, note select groomsmen bridesmaid Shi, can from familiar groom bride friends Group of people provoked, groomsmen bridesmaid to stable generous, Must not be drunk on the spot the situation, destabilize the entire atmosphere of the wedding,

     in addition, the prior best man and bridesmaid wedding rehearsal when, remember that a clear division of labour, reasonable, to maximize time. For example best man were responsible for at least one wine, one wine greeting, one responsible for retaining wine wine, bridesmaids who handed charge peeled sugar, tobacco, one responsible for sending and receiving red packets. When new people come to the guest side, groomsmen bridesmaids early to get everything ready, fast and polite, if arrangements with guests a bridesmaid cards quietly to alert new people each guest's name and identity, is more perfect.

    3. a wealth of on-site activities to disperse visitors attention

     weddings usually arrange live events, but the main is too intermittent rest, transition the bride and groom dress up makeup time, toasting links, in order to avoid guests but wait, can also be appropriate arrangements for the live event, that atmosphere can also divert attention, and some fine rewards makes guests feel well. If new people table number more, many guests will in new King finished the table Hou on leave, often toast also didn't all end guests on less has most, is is embarrassing, if arrangements of site activities interesting fun, on can is good keep full rate, site activities of content can while cross pure ornamental of program performances, and easily interactive of draw, guessing, race, program.

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