Agencies under the

Ministry of planning: responsible for planning all types of full details of the wedding, unique, outstanding style, subject, tone, uniform and simple atmosphere, rich fashion colors;

floral Department: responsible for the flowers, the color and style of the best use. Such as: bride and marries floats, hand Rod flowers, corsage, wrist flower, flower road, arches, flowers, flower head, main desk, reception table flowers flowers, according to the different topics, with a different color, floral shapes;

photography: capturing the wonderful moments, each fragment of a wonderful record forever, arrange location photography, wedding dress selection, reservations, location shooting, lighting effects, photo processing, 3D photo album production, exquisite photographs of the wedding day;

camera Department: each couple's wedding into a concentrated movie, plot, screen, color, climax, detail for detail, wonderful present; new MV, DVD clips, synthesis, late of burning discs;

make-up Department: according to new skin color, face shape, hairstyle, accessories, wedding dress styles, making the overall image design, into the most beautiful Princess Bride dress up, creating a variety of plastic arts of makeup, with the team out of makeup, makeup, wedding makeup;

design: digital post, new photos, modify, personalized invitations designs, new flyer background production, wedding design, wedding effect design;

Performing Arts Department: a field romantic of wedding, always by series beautiful sounds of music throughout always, we carefully for you selected has various wedding scene in the often using of elegant music, and can according to a good preferences or wedding style for selected; also launched has site band accompaniment, authentic of music accompaniment, more can will wedding of gas fen foil have incisively, while, also arrangements has all kinds of dance provides wedding service;

Engineering: building, background frame, wedding red carpet laying, bubble machine commissioning, wiring and all kinds of cold Fireworks par light, spotlights, lighting, four-colour lights, installation design, adjust the light intensity of the laser light, distance;

sound Department: responsible for normal stereo mode, line arrangement, a microphone, projector screen, check all kinds of optical discs play audio and Visual effects; all kinds of equipment are in place;